Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summit Stage - Festival of the Brewpubs

Thanks to all of you that rode the Summit Stage this year. Ridership was up significantly and it makes a tremendous difference on so many levels.

The Stage is going to run for one more weekend, this Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday is Festival of the Brewpubs and there is no better day to ride the Stage. Our route, the Swan Mountain Flyer, will be making its usual laps. Avoid traffic and parking issues and ride The Stage.


Anonymous said...

Just another great resource in summit county...and uh...for us folks that REALLY like the the brew pubs fest...

Anonymous said...

Hey Al,

When do you expect we will be able to determine if the closing date will be pushed out or not?

Im of course hoping it will be as late as possible :) Thanks for always putting great info on your blog!


Anonymous said...

Love the summit stage to Abasin, but pretty sure the bus can't avoid the traffic if the traffic is moving slowly.....or did they get the new hoverbuses ?