Monday, August 8, 2016

Big Day - Sunday, August 21

Sunday, August 21 will be a big day up at The Basin.We will be hosting a BBQ and Concert at Black Mountain Lodge. The "Rob Drabkin Band" will put on a show. The music and BBQ will start 11:00 and we will be offering free chairlift rides on Black Mountain Express from 10:00 to 2:30. Ride the chair, enjoy lunch and music and consider hiking downing the Argentine / North Fork Trail. If you need a little more action than that, you can run the "The Summit Challenge". This event is a trail run with two divisions. The Mid-Mountain Division course goes from the Base Area to Black Mountain Lodge. The Summit Division starts the same way, but continues to the Top of Pali and The Summit and finishes with a fast downhill mile to Black Mountain Lodge. Go to our website for more details.

Whatever your pleasure, come spend August 21 on the mountain at Arapahoe Basin.

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Mark Matis said...

I'm surprised you're not offering one additional option for the truly dedicated:

Base area to BML to the top of Pali and the Summit, across Zuma cornice down Elephant Spine, then back up Columbine with that fast downhill mile to BML. But then I guess at this time of year, nobody attending a barbecue is likely to be in any shape to exert themselves to that level...

Then they could always finish with a tubing run through the culvert!