Sunday, August 14, 2016

Montezuma Bowl From Near Montezuma

Kay and I went for one of those long, grueling (grueling for me anyway) 5 hour mountain bike rides with lots of vertical and a bit of pushing the bike up hill. We wandered around a lot covering ground between Summit Cove, Keystone and the Town of Montezuma. In this part of the world, there are mining relics, cabins, cans, equipment and old stuff around just about every corner. That included a very old, shot up dump truck. It is a classic. The Summit County mining history is extraordinary. 

As we were riding and just a few miles from the Town of Montezuma, we had some awesome views of Montezuma Bowl. Since this a vantage point of Zuma that is not seen by too many people, it may look a little different to you. If you look closely, you can pick out the chairlift and some snowfences. Since most of the skiing is above timberline, there are not a lot of trails to pick out. Enjoy the view.


Anonymous said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing. I have never seen it without snow (being a flatlander from MI). Enviable that you get it year round.

star ranger said...

Nice ride and pics!

John P West said...

Ok, back in the day, (1980s, when I was hanging around the patrol) folks would ski Montezuma. Where did they come out? How much further down was it than the bottom of the current inbounds area?