Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Future of Skiing: The Science Behind Snow

I hope you can join Arapahoe Basin and POW Saturday afternoon at 4 PM in the A-Frame for an excellent panel discussion, "The Future of Skiing: The Science Behind Snow." Three renowned Colorado scientists, James White, Katja Friedrich and Keith Musselman will discuss climate change and its effect on the snowsports industry. These experts from the University of Colorado and the National Center for Atmospheric Research will share the facts about climate change and what it means for those of us that love to work and play in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, here we go again !! The conversation just never ends..

Anonymous said...


Is this discussion going to be recorded?


Anonymous said...

Yep, the conversation will never end and rightfully so.. Even if you don't agree that "human activity" causes global warming, what is the harm to keep the discussion going and keeping an eye out on it? For example, metro Denver's air quality was horrendous during the 1970's but with efforts to check vehicle emissions to correct polluting vehicles and monitor the air, we were able to turn things around. The same needs to be done with all polluting sources..... Unfortunately current politics is screwing up valid and open discussions on global warming as well as clean air and clean water..... It is high time we change the environmental narrative from a "zero-sum game" to a "non-zero-sum game" where we can all figure out how to benefit from beliefs on both sides of the issue..... Otherwise if we continue to argue this as a zero-sum game, it will turn into a non-zero-sum game if we like it or not but the outcome will be losses to all via dirty air, dirty water, and no idea if the harms from global warming can be slowed or reversed in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Agree - currently live out of state but would love to be able to hear any available recordings or see any video of this. Such a critical issue - maybe more than anything else and the ski resorts might be the canaries in the coal mines...(actually any city is if you look at the trend over the last 10 - 20 years).

Dave Yost said...

Great discussion and presentation at the panel presentation last night. Some of the charts they presented are based on data from new models that very clearly shows what we may be in for over the next 70 years or so.

Thanks Al for setting up this presentation. Lets hope Fox News tells the world about it.

Dave Yost

Anonymous said...

Any kind of recording/presentation material you could provide us would be great, Al!



Elizabeth Maroon said...

A recording of the panel has been posted to A Basin's YouTube channel: