Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2016 Sustainability Report

Attached is the link to our 2016 Sustainability Report. The report outlines our environmental policies, shares our tracking of the resources we use, lists our goals and initiatives, and highlights recent energy savings projects. I am particularly excited to see a trending decline in electricity consumption. With heating controls and more solar panels scheduled for installation this summer, I anticipate that usage to further decline.

Whether you are a passionate environmentalist, a numbers geek or simply an A-Basin fanatic, I strongly encourage you to review the report and check out what we are up to.

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Anonymous said...

a little disappointing how you claim to "heart" the environment when you used to put out reuse-able plastic pepsi cups for water and now it it just little non recyclable cups. Also you just cut down thousands of live big old spruce trees!!!!! and are using more fossil fuel to get them out of there. Being one of the few areas that has not been affected in summit county by the pine beetle (because there isnt much pine up there) it is pretty disappointing to see all those trees cut down for new runs. Two thumbs down