Sunday, August 27, 2017

Norway / Powerline Snowmaking

Earlier this summer, our snowmaking team installed a new 600' snowmaking pipeline.  The pipeline has two shelters and a total of four new hydrants. Alongside the pipeline, they installed an electrical line to spin the fan guns. Two of the hydrants are on Lower Powerline and the other two hydrants are on Norway. We have made snow in these areas in the past, but it has involved dragging hundreds of feet of hoses and power cords to run one fan gun. Now we can run four fan guns over there, making more snow in a shorter period of time and, generally, being much more effective and much more efficient with our time and resources.

The pipeline itself was laid right in our Summer Service Road so we did not have to tear up any virgin ground.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Sounds like it could significantly speed up opening of top-to-bottom skiing!

Matt said...

Great news for low snow years, I hope you do not remove Norway until AFTER you open up the new Quad, otherwise there will be a huge load on Lenawee, and Norway does not have the long flat run-out that Lenawee does. I love the wind deposits on the Norway side

Anonymous said...

What is the diameter of the water pipe? Just curious? How many gallons per minute are you pumping? Is there a heater in the reservoir?