Friday, May 11, 2018

Sustainability Report

Take a few minutes to review our latest Sustainability Report. It highlights our resource consumption by season as well as our projects and policies. I am pleased to see our overall electricity and propane use has been going down the last few years. There is also a piece on our solar facilities. You can see we are engaged in a variety of projects.


ChiefHeyoka said...

Howdy Al,

I can't say enough about the great work and vibe from you and your staff. From the people in the parking lot, lifties, the gift shop, the patrollers, everyone is so great.

I'm going to ski the Basin a lot more next year.

Question: Would there be any way the Basin could be persuaded to stop selling meat and dairy? Both are responsible for more C02 than all tail pipe emissions.

You wouldn't be the first to make what is admittedly, a big change. Check out this link about the Forest Green Rovers Football Club:

Either way, great work on sustainability. Many thanks from my familia and Mother Earth.

Kelly McClure said...

Everyone has a choice to eat what they want,A Basin is not a vegan hangout. Have you seen the smoker at Black Mountain Lodge?

Anonymous said...

The sustainability efforts being made by A-Basin are wonderful. They make sense from an economic and environmental stand point. The staff are to be commended for these efforts and for the awareness they are creating for all guests. Thank you for this commitment.

Non native said...

Everyone can eat want they want, yes.... but that still does not change the fact that animal farming is the largest contributor to this warming planet... that's all the comment mentioned...... not trying to force you to become a vegan ...