Saturday, May 12, 2018

Swimwear Day - People Watching

Well into May, we have some fine Spring Skiing. My favorite time is getting out on a sunny morning, just after the sun has hits the corduroy. The snow was great everywhere I went today, West Wall, Sundance, Larkspur, Columbine, Lenawee Face. On top of the great skiing we had a lot going on. There was a busy Rail Jam in Treeline Terrain Park. It was Swimwear Day - always interesting. The Beach was The Beach. "Homeslice" had the Mountain Goat Plaza rocking. The "Big Onions" entertained The 6th Alley Patrons. To top it off, there was some SERIOUS, SERIOUS people watching........A-Basin style.


Joe Mo said...


Met some Basin first timers from the east in the main lot and they were blown away by the community and camaraderie that is the A Basin parking lot on a spring Saturday. The bathing suits were eclectic, the people watching rivaled any large outdoor festival and Homeslice rocked. Thanks for consistently reminding me why I moved here and stayed all those years ago!Oh yeah and and that last ride on Norway was a great chance to remember some days well skied underneath it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting my spready!

Matthew Wheeler said...

Thanks for posting my Spready