Sunday, December 2, 2018

Montezuma Progress

I took a few laps in Montezuma Bowl today. These pictures tell the whole story. The place looks great. The snowcats have created a good tilled surface all the way to the top of the Columbine Step (last little steep pitch on Columbine). Within a night or two they should be to the bottom of the lift. The crew will keep plugging away back there. We might even see a little snow tomorrow to help us out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al,

Was over there riding yesterday and ended up on Loafer which was marked as ungroomed by ski patrol. Is Loafer planned to be groomed or will it always be a mogal run? It was rather treacherous for snow boarders and there were many people hiking down due to the conditions on the run.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys know base area webcam has been showing static image from 12:37 pm Dec 1 for two days?

Anonymous said...

"rather treacherous for snow boarders".... speak for yourself haha. if you can only ride groomers... stay outta beavers

Raoul said...

Moguls can be fun on a snowboard if the conditions are good. That said, blue runs with big bumps would be well to be marked above the entry point so that intermediates can make other choices if desired.

Unknown said...

I did Loafer on Saturday. I'm an intermediate skier and it made me feel like an awful skier. Something about it (depth of the powder maybe) was giving nearly everyone on it trouble. I spent the rest of my morning on the frontside.

That said, it was still fun and I'll probably go back for a couple more tries next time.