Tuesday, December 4, 2018

West Zuma and MGD

We continue to have Ski Patrol and Snow Cat teams all over Montezuma Bowl. In the photos, you can see extensive ski cutting. The snow in West Zuma and MGD is quite good. If we can stay on task, we hope to have our work buttoned up in the next couple of days. It is quite possible we could see some limited openings in West Zuma and MGD in addition to the conventional openings of Columbine and Larkspur.

MGD is Max, Groswold and Durrance, three of the A-Basin original founding members. The other two founding members were Jump and Schauffler who both have trails named after them in West Zuma.


Hanz Don said...

Okay....... I am in, sign me up for a ski cutter job!

. said...



Unknown said...

What is the likelyhood of a Sunday opening in Zuma? Coming from out of town for some early season goodness. Love the Legend, can't wait to try out the Beavers area!

John Clewe said...

What is this I hear that the warming/ old patrol hut is being turned into a bar? Will the open warming hut part still be available to the public after hours? So many people use this every morning and night. Some of the best community of all of skiing happens in this warming hut. I really hope you are able to still keep true to what Arapahoe basin is. A locals place.