Wednesday, June 3, 2020

$10 Pali Chair

Monday, we began our efforts to sell off 100 Pali Chairs. Interest has been high and we are off to a great start there.

Several of you suggested we sell at least one chair for a very low price. We thought that was a great idea. So.......we are going to do one more drawing for a Pali Chair. It will be $20 to enter. One lucky person is going to get a Pali Chair for $10 (plus the $20 entry fee). That drawing is open through June 10.

To enter the drawing, go to:  $10 Pali Chair


Bob Dobalina said...

I was never no do gooder in skool, but it sounds like the chair would be $30 then, not $10

Unknown said...

Thank you Al and team for opening back up during these bad times!!! Your certainly not doing it for the money!
It sure helps our morale too

Unknown said...

How long do u have to pick it up ?

Unknown said...

I see there is no purchase necessary now for the pali for the people chair -- how many times can we enter? - it doesn't say in the rules.