Monday, September 14, 2020

Ikon Pass Reservations

Beginning November 9, reservations will be required at A-Basin for Ikon Pass holders. Reservations are not required before November 9. We encourage and want to see Ikon Pass folks this winter. This action is being done to manage COVID-19 conditions. We want to spread out visitation and to make sure that no single day sees too many people. Ikon Pass Friends and Family tickets will still be available although we have not yet finalized the fulfillment method.

Overall, there is plenty of room for Ikon Pass visitors. For most days, the reservation system will be a non-issue. We are concerned about those 20-30 mostly weekend days after the first of the year that are our busiest days of the season. We are really trying to migrate visits away from those days.

The Ikon Pass is a tremendous part of The Basin experience. We value all the Ikon Pass guests that visit and we want to get them on the hill. Some might think we are doing this to single out Ikon Pass holders in a negative way. That simply is not true. The Ikon Pass community is large and we just need to be careful that not too many people show up at the same time.

We are really focused on the safety of our guests and our employees in the COVID era. With just a little bit of planning, I think we can do that and keep everybody skiing and riding. I am looking forward to a great season. For complete details on the Ikon Pass reservation system,