Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a clear, cold, blue sky kind of Thanksgiving here. Tomorrow looks to be much warmer and sunny. Just another perfect day at The Basin.

Standard and 13 Cornices are open full time now and I think you might see some limited openings "you know where" some time soon.

Enjoy your Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Something I'm thankful for- the great positioning of the web cams at A Basin.

Other areas (see Vail) have their web cams where very little useful information is conveyed.

A Basin's web cams show lifts, lift lines, ski storage in front of lodges, runs, picnic tables with fresh snow on top, mountain tops, and people.

All the information you need to determine if it's truly a good idea to hop in the car and go to A Basin because you can easily figure out what the real deal is on crowds, wind, sky conditions, new snow, and even temperatures.

Thank you for honestly sharing what conditions look like there at A Basin.

Anonymous said...


do you think maybe sometime this year or next you guys could switch one of the base area cams and move it into motezuma bowl????

or just get a whole new i guess and put it at the top of the lift or the bottom

alex said...

yeah Al.....a webcam in zuma bowl would be awesome! is it possible??

bekah said...

PLEASEEEEE!!! al? a webcam in zuma????

Jake S. said...

that would be great al....good idea anonymous #2 :)

jered said...

pleasee!!!!?? good idea. maybe even one at the bottom and top Al!

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

that would be wonderful al!