Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pali and Zuma Questions

Questions about Pali and Zuma Lifts are starting to pour in. Obviously, this storm is great news. We had avalanche control teams all over the North Side today with some positive results. The willows below The Face and Mainstreet were buried with debris from a fairly large new snow slide. Conditions are setting up on Pali and Montezuma Bowl for a great start. We need to get through this storm and get a good look at the snow later in the week. You can count on the ski patrollers kicking around Pali and the cat drivers packing down the main routes into Montezuma Bowl. Stay tuned for further developments.


Denverite said...

Thanks for the blog! I really appreciate the insight into the 'goings on'. It's my third year riding in summit county and my first experience was on your mountain. While I appreciate having the option to ride elsewhere (CO pass holder) I prefer the basin. The staff, your info and the total vibe on the hill totally make it for me. Can't wait for the bowl to open! (Columbine was my first run EVER on a snowboard, so it brings back some, fairly recent, memories!)

josh said...

HEY me too..i rode exhibition up then lawnwee(however you spell it) and rode columbine first time on a board! of course i'v been skiing your guys mountain for about 10 years now and nothing is like it!


thanks al

Anonymous said...

like many, im waiting on these 2 lifts to open and am glad you update us on these happenings!