Sunday, January 30, 2011

Calm Before The Storm

What an incredible few days. Fantastic. Still winter, but warm. I continue to find all kinds of treats everywhere I ski, Bierstadt, 13 Cornices, The Nose, and on and on. Although the mild weather was nice, it looks like winter will be back in serious force Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned.


rita said...

Lovely pictures! We are coming the beginning of March. Keep the snow coming for us.

Brown said...

Thanks for the photos. It's fun to use the photos to "place" yourself on a certain point of the mountain. The second photo seems to be "Land of the Giants" (if I'm correct). The boulders seem to be covered up with all the snow; usually from this perspective you can pick routes to ski thru them, rather than over them! Keep the photos coming, and thanks for all the gradual improvements you make each season, without sacrificing what makes the Basin unique in Summit County.

derek said...

yeah, that looks like land of the giants possibly lowere east wall depending on how far the pic was taken or how far Al traversed i guess...the last one is Pali there is one taken from slalom slope or wildcat.