Friday, January 21, 2011


I am back and spent a few hours skiing this afternoon. All I can say is WOW. The skiing is as good as it gets. The Spine, North Glade, High Noon, Wrangler, Zuma West Bowl, you name is awesome. I highly, highly recommend a visit soon. The forecast says 3-7" during the day tomorrow. Any snow on top of what we already have is simply frosting on an already delicious cake. Leave home early tomorrow, take your time, drive safely, and enjoy the best riding around. See you tomorrow.

A couple of last quick thoughts. The Bonus Passes (unlimited A-Basin and 5 days at Keystone or Breck) are almost sold out. The April Full Moon Dinner, "An Evening in the Pyrenees" only has a few spots left. If interested in either of these, go to the website and make your purchase soon (like today or tomorrow).

I hope we see you soon. You won't be sorry.

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Joe said...

he speaks true... it is UNBELIEVABLE right now