Friday, January 28, 2011

"Pre" Spring

All kinds of stuff going on today. I wouldn't call it a spring day, but it was a beautiful warm mid-winter Friday. Just perfect.

For you terrain park junkies the Jump Line is open in the Treeline Terrain Park. This year we have a big start ramp with a very nice progression line of jumps. I am hearing very good reports. Sorry, but I don't think that I will be personally testing them for you.

Lastly, we do have some East Wall hiking open. You will find a staircase in The Tree Chutes, Willie's Wide, and North Pole. The main North Pole gate is closed The ridgeline and upper portion of North Pole got a little beat up by last week's wind. The best skiing is in Willie's and North Y. Look for more to open with snow and good wind.

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Anonymous said...

Al, i think the jump line was open at the beginning of Jan. also the last jump of the three is to far from the landing patch,i had a terrible wipe out because of lack of speed. if the jump was pulled closer to the landing area or lengthened it would be a much better jump!