Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starlight Skin

Just had a beautiful skin up to Snow Plume Refuge with my wife Kay. On the way up the stars were brilliant. Just as we were climbing Lenawee Face, light snow starting falling. The little bit of new snow made for a fluffy sliding surface coming down. Another 20 minutes of snow tonight and tomorrow will be a treat. You know A-Basin, best inch in the world. Much warmer and nicer today. I think I saw 23 F in the base area. Starting to look like a decent chance of snow this weekend.


Derek said...

Sounds beautiful, Al! My wife and I met in Alaska, and I sure do miss brilliant stars.

My son is in Kids Club, so this weekend's off... Otherwise we'd be on our way up this weekend!

Still planning to take both sons (3 and 6) up to RMNP for some winter camping.

Love what you guys are doing, and amazed at what a skier my oldest son has become in Kids Club. He's hit a few black diamonds... and is already pestering me about double blacks!


Anonymous said...


jake said...

double blacks at a-basin are actually kind of easy compared to some of the blacks at opinion