Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally, Spring Is Here

We have had an amazing run. For the most part, we retained winter snow conditions until early May. No matter what we do, however, the temps will get warmer and the days will get longer. The shift from winter to spring finally happened this week. The forecast the next few days is clear, sunny, and warm. CLASSIC A-BASIN SPRING SKIING. This is a change from what we have been used to, but it is beautiful out there. Bring your sunscreen and enjoy this weather.


Scott said...

Will it be too warm this weekend for the east wall to be open?

Thanks for the great blog - I check in daily and love the updates.

Anonymous said...

Was there yesterday was disappointed by way too much grooming.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Barring something really unexpected, the East Wall will be open this weekend.

Sorry, it seemed like too much grooming. Was there an area in particular that you did not want groomed that was?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest re my grooming comment, Alan. In particular, the area between Norway and Lenawee lifts, the area downhill of Dercum's Gulch under Lenawee chair, and Larkspur/Black Bear in the bowl.

I was there for powder day last week and it was simply outstanding everywhere. Then, I returned the following day (Wednesday?) and it seemed like almost the entire mountain was groomed - way more than usual. Is it to preserve the base this time of year?

Rocky said...

What a season! I love the skiing, the culture, and the spirit that exists among all who slide and smile there. It's serious fun.

A-Basin is "the best". What a great attitude that exists there among all of the employees, who are happy to be there. They really seem to enjoy their work providing exciting and fulfilling recreational opportunities for their "clients".

We are looking forward to our annual visit next season, which we hope to extend even longer.......

Thanks everyone, for working and recreating at the best of the West.

Have fun harvesting all that corn!

- Rocky from VT

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hey Rocky,

Thanks for coming out this spring. Look forward to seeing you next spring. I'll stop in Mad River Glen next time I am in Vermont. Take care.