Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aspen World Cup

I am over in Aspen for the weekend to watch the women's alpine World Cup races. Yesterday Julia Mancuso skied superbly in Giant Slalom taking 3rd Place. Those women, and particularly Julia, blew me away with their ability to make such amazing clean turns in really tough conditions. Later this morning Kay and I are walking over to watch the Slalom race. Like so many sports, television does not capture the drama, intensity, power, and speed of these extraordinary athletes. If you haven't yet, I encourage each of you to attend one of the World Cup held in Colorado each year. The Europeans watch these races the way we watch football. We are lucky to have these events at our doorstep.

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Candace Horgan said...

I worked the Birds of Prey the last two days, and got to watch the training runs yesterday. Agreed on the ability. What also doesn't get captured on the TV is what the snow is like; these racers are basically skiing on ice. Their ability to execute such smooth, powerful turns on such an unforgiving surface blew my mind.