Thursday, November 3, 2011

Local's Day

Sometimes it all comes together perfectly. Today's Local's Day was one of those days. Opened to the top yesterday. New snow yesterday. Perfect blue sky day today. Fun crowd. Rail Jam. Pretty short lift lines. The Jaeger Girls. Chef Rybak's pulled pork sliders. Great skiing and riding. About as good a ski day as you can find on November 3.


Elgee said...

you mis-spoke, "about" is the improper word Al, it WAS as good as it gets. See you all again soon.
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John S said...

Al, Really enjoyed the scenery shot in the first photo.

Anonymous said...

@ Elgee

Wow. I bet you are just a ball to hang with.

... or, as you would likely prefer: I bet you are just a ball with which to hang.