Thursday, March 8, 2012

Front Range Ski Bus

With spring right around the corner, parking can be an issue for us. For some reason in the spring, the average number of people per vehicle goes down, particularly following big storms. That means that on some spring weekends we have the same number of people skiing, but more cars. A priority for us this spring is to encourage skiers and riders to carpool, take the Summit Stage, and ride the Front Range Ski Bus.

The Front Range Ski Bus is a great service out of the Denver area. The bus picks people up in South Denver, Union Station, and the Morrison Park-n-Ride lots and brings them to A-Basin. After a full day of skiing, the bus heads back to the same 3 locations in Denver. Getting cars off I-70 is good for so many reasons; there is a smaller carbon footprint, there is less traffic, there is less demand for parking lots, you can relax and rest on the journey, we offer discounted lift tickets to bus riders, and perhaps best of all, you can enjoy The 6th Alley. This is a great program for all of us. I encourage all of you to give it a shot at least once this spring. For details, rates, and schedules go to Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I was super excited about this until I saw it was $39 for roundtrip from the wooly mammoth lot. That's almost three times what I pay for gas. Love to try to carpool but that's way too much for a bus ride.

Martin Beran said...

We realize that $39 is too much for a lot of budgets and we're doing our best to lower our prices for round trips for the 12/13 season.

Another way to get travel for cheaper is to take advantage of our season pass or 4 pack deals that we will be offering for the 12/13 season.