Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Bonus Pass Next Year

We have had several questions about the Bonus Pass. We will not be offering that for the 2012-13 Season. I know it was a great product. We will continue to be part of the Vail Resorts Pass program. Working closely with the Vail group, both staff at A-Basin and Vail thought it was in neither of our interests for us to continue to sell the Vail Resorts lift tickets as part of the Bonus Pass.

Both the A-Basin Pass and the Spring 3-Pass are outstanding products for those of you that ski primarily at A-Basin. If you want to ski more areas, Vail continues to offer a number of great products that include A-Basin. Between A-Basin and Vail Resorts I am sure you can still find your ideal pass product at a very competitive rate.

Thanks for your patience on this and please give me a shout if you have further questions.


Vincent said...

Sad to hear that, Al.

The Bonus Pass is something that we purchased for many years when we were from out of state (and even out of the country).

It provided a great way to maximize entertainment and minimize costs, while having two separate one week vacations in Colorado per winter.

Now that we are Colorado residents, it is something that we recommended to all our friends, as it gave them the best of what Colorado winter has to offer.

It's sad that you are choosing not to renew this, but I hope to see it back in future years.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Vincent. For locals, sure the Summit Pass is a better deal, but historically you could not buy one online. If that is still the case, I am sorely disappointed. I can't count how many thousands of dollars I personally have funneled to A-Basin (via bonus pass) through my friends and family who have come to visit as well as myself in the years I did not live here. I know complaining about it now won't do any good, but I have a VERY strong feeling that this is benefiting ONLY Vail Resorts and NOT Abasin.

Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on the possibility of teaming up on a reciprocal agreement with another "locals" hill like Monarch, Wolf Creek, or Sunlight and offering a few days at their resort for those of us purchasing an A-basin pass for next year?

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hi Vincent and Anonymous,

Thanks for your loyal support over the years. A-Basin is lucky to have guys like you skiing here. Again, I am sorry we are no longer offering the Bonus Pass. It was a great deal. I hope we can get you skiing on another pass for next season. Look me up next time your are skiing. Take care.


Cliff said...

I guess it was too good to last. I'm from PA and for several years bought one for myself and bought one for my nephew. The lesson was one of the biggest bonuses of the pass.

I got around 2 weeks a year on snow in Summit County and it was just what I needed.

I hope you guys can come up with something better.

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

Sadly, this means we will not be skiing A Basin next season. My whole family is switching to the Copper pass. I've purchased that pass several years running especially because of the day at Silverton. But this season, Silverton made its unguided days ridiculously late. So I can't justify the pass anymore. I want the majority of the money to go to ABasin but I want to have a couple of days elsewhere during the season. I'm sure we'll buy a day pass sometime but I'm bummed.

Shep said...

This is really unfortunate. I, and many of my friends have been buying the bonus pass for years. AB is our favorite, but we need something different every once in a while. Plus, it seemed like there were more days that the pass was closed this year relative to the amount of snow that we received as compared to other years.
I'm not such a big fan of Vail resorts, plus navigating resorts and parking and all the other crap. I just want to ski.
How about hooking up with Loveland for some awesome combined continental divide gnarvesting?
Regardless, I will always be an Arapahoe Basin skier, but I am sad to see such a perfect-for-me pass go away.

Mike said...

Al: I'm a big fan of the Basin and appreciate the honesty displayed in your blog such as telling us when Montezuma Bowl closed.
I purchased a Bonus Pass each of the last few years and will miss it.
I'm not a fan of VailResorts and it's view of ski area management. Like Anonymous I too see the heavy hand of Vail at workin eliminating the bonus pass. A Loveland/ ABasin combined pass would be great. I'd never go to Vail again. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is the same Anonymous as above: I want to clarify that I love Abasin and I cannot say the sentiment is shared with Vail Resorts. I feel like Vail is throwing their weight around and abasin is the one getting hit. If the Vail relationship ends, Loveland is too tiny to make sense as a partnership. Perhaps getting on with the RMSP team would work well given the variety and dispersion of the mountains.

Anonymous said...

sorry to see it go

Anonymous said...

That is very disappointing. I just visited today to look into buying the Bonus Pass for the 2012-2013 season. However, without that option, I'll likely be buying the Copper Mountain pass instead.