Friday, May 4, 2012

Last 2 Days

I just read that Denver broke another high temperature record today, 88 degrees. Despite all of that, we still have some great snow. Only 2 days left. Come on up. Check it out. Loads of fun to be had. Skiing, snowboarding, music, A Night in Asia, and more. Come enjoy some vintage A-Basin.


Anonymous said...

abasin is closing sunday and is forecasting SNOW sun eve, mon and tuesday

this sounds like what normally happens right after keystone and breck close SNOW

thanks for the season if the inches of snow forecast turn into feet I hope you will reconsider

vailsucks said...

It is hard to deny global warming. it's effects have been especially noticeable this year. I hope arapahoe basin does their best to conserve, & I also they are prepared for more winters like this one

Anonymous said...

Al, sorry everyone is giving you such a hard time for closing this weekend. I want to say a sincere thank you to your whole team for giving us such a great year given the circumstances. Please keep up with the blog as I think it's a great way to follow what's actually going on at the hill. I'll be there this weekend and back in October. Have a great summer, and Thank You for everything you do. Now time for 50% off some gear I've been eyeing all year

Anonymous said...

So what about last season? You can't have it both ways and expect to be taken seriously.

Mike R said...

Excellent day yesterday. I read this blog everyday. Keep up the updates Al!

I can see that not as many people are getting up to ski as last year. Makes it hard to stay open if attendance is down.

See you next season. Have a great summer! -Mike

Anonymous said...

Great time today on the beach, perfect weather and perfect snow conditions !! Until next season,

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing these "global warming" things, but (and this may be a dumb question) what does "warming" have to do with anything?

After all, if it was truly warmer that would just mean rain instead of snow. This is related to precipiation...not warming. After all, isn't the cycle Evaporation -> Condensation -> Precipitation?

I lived in Florida for years and it was warm as balls. It rained most every afternoon...some years we had drought, some years we had a crap load of hurricanes.

I guess what I'm saying is what does warming have to do with less precipitation? If it was 50 and raining at A-Basin that would indicate "warming", but the problem wasn't that...the problem was not enough precip in CO.

RalfW said...

Well, Anonymous, it's really called Global Climate Change nowdays. Because the warming doesn't just change precip into rain. It means shifting jet stream, shifting precip patterns, warmer nights earlier in the spring and so on. All of which could have negative impacts on snowsports.

The climate is a complex system, and when one component of the system changes - ie: temperature - many interrelated climate phenomena are impacted.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll buy "global climate change", but I'm not sure I can buy that less precip in Colorado unless somebody has some actual proof.

In the last 30 years has there been a decided trend of less precip each year in Colorado. Take A-Basin...30-year trend in no snowfall, but actual measured preciptation. Is it a sharp downward line?

I'm not saying it is or isn't...I simply don't know. That's your real success measure here.

The problem, in some regards, was an early Spring this year, but that'll happen...not all years are 2010/11. The true problem was simply not enough wet stuff falling from the sky.

If I had to suffer through this year to get another year like 2010/11 next year...yeah, that'd be ok.

Anonymous said...

One winter ago you all had record snowfall. Now, after one winter not having much snow, you call out climate change being the culprit??

Canadian resorts and cascade resorts in oregan and Washington got most of your snow. They had record snowfall. And cold temperatures nearly all winter. In fact, over the winter months, their temps were well below average. Just because somewhere is hot and somewhere else is cold does not mean global warming or climate change. Arctic sea ice hit normal for the first time in years, and global sea ice is one standard deviation above normal.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you've got to be kidding about that claim. Me, being in the east coast, we just had a foot of snow at seven springs in PA at the end of April! April was the coolest april since 1989.

You don't know enough about the behind-the-scenes weather stuff like oscillations and long term weather patterns. The jet stream moves on its own and is not affected by climate change or global warming.

Al even said the earliest closing was in April in the 80s. So do some research on it before claiming something absurd like global warming or whatever you all wish to call it. It's snowing there right now for Christ sakes. It snowed in June last year. Give me a break.

Nick in Denver said...

I'll hold a happy hour at my house if you all want to keep going further and further off topic.

We need to recognize that the only reason the terms "global warming" and "global climate change" were coined is because we are in the age of statistical experimentation. By this I mean that there is more information readily available than ever before and with computers we have the power to process this data thereby allowing us to "make predictions", like the earth is warming or our climate is changing at rates we've never seen before…. People constantly bash weather forecasters for being wrong but here we are on their bandwagon for long-term predictions. This planet's ebb and flow will continue and humans will continue to try and predict how/why/what/where and when (no comment on how well we will do on that)

Great year at A-basin and powder days were there if you had the flexibility in your schedule (if you didn't I recommend prioritizing better...). Can't wait for 2012/13! Thanks to the Legend for giving us one last fix this weekend and hopefully I won't be jonesing too hard 100 days from now when my mind recalls the short break before the 11/12 season coming to an end!

And to the author using the pseudonym "vailsucks" - let me give you a tour one day....