Friday, December 14, 2012

Good News for Green Skiers

We have some good news on the green skier front.  Lower Sundance is open.  We do have green skiing from the top of Black Mountain Express to the base area.  I still encourage never-ever skiers and riders to start on Molly Hogan.  Be sure you have that lift and trail mastered before you head up the big lift.  Also, we are adding Ace's Kid's Park in the Molly area.  There will be a couple of super easy entry level boxes down there to give aspiring park riders their first go.  Lastly, tomorrow at  11 is the "Official Grand Opening of Pika Place" (that is one groovy conveyor lift).  Come join us.  It is a great time to bring that friend or relative up for the first time.  And, once you drop them off in the Snowsports School on Molly Hogan, you can enjoy our great snow.

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