Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Never Tired

I never get tired of the views from this place.  Went out for a few runs in the afternoon just as the sun was breaking through the clouds.  The green, white, and blue makes for some striking contrasts.  If you haven't been here the last few days, you'd be amazed at how good the snow is.  The natural snow is a beautiful thing.

This afternoon I met a woman from Bogus Basin near Boise, ID.  She was very complimentary about not just the mountains, but the employees and skiers and riders that hang out here.  She said the culture here reminded her of her home mountain.  While I have never skied Bogus, I have heard great things about it.  She said she felt at home here.


Anonymous said...

Off the subject, but thanks for the pow day sale. Bought a few items today n I'll be back fri for more!

Anonymous said...

How close are we to seeing additional terrain opening?

Anonymous said...

Hey alan, any idea how much more snow we'll need to start thinking more terrain from the top?

Looks like a good storm this weekend and more disturbance mid next week as well, perhaps by the time Christmas rolls around?

you're right re the snow, we were out last weekend and the morning skiing was fantastic!

day off Friday = heading to the basin early!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Boise and couldn't agree more with the comment about Bogus and the Basin--two great mountains.