Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Spring Day

This was just another spring day at The Basin.  I actually skied all morning.  We had a good freeze last night. The snow was just perfect as it softened.  Took several runs in Zuma Bowl on Columbine and Shining Light.  That is a fun place to ski.  The Lower Mountain was really good too.  Bumped into some old friends and enjoyed a great lunch at BML.

The 80's sensation, 6 Million Dollar Band, played all afternoon in the base area.  They had a tremendous following.  Lots of neon.  I think I spent the 80's wearing jeans and flannel shirts.  The colors today were very vivid.  People were dancing their hearts out and having a great time.  I saw one of those DEVO flower pot hats. Taylor H from our Lift Operations Department is the new proud owner of a shiny, black New Belgium cruiser bike.

I didn't quite understand the big boat down on The Beach.  Don't worry those guys in the bottom photo are with me.


Anonymous said...

Boat's are usually found at the Beach. Made sense to us and also made a great platform to house our DJ. Plus we have never seen one at the Basin----we try to be a bit different.

keep up the good work AL!!!

Burns AKA BasinBurn

Adrienne Saia said...

Those three hooligans at the bottom are nothing but trouble! :)