Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Grind

Way back on April 20 we hosted our spring uphill race, The Grind.  The Rec Division did a lap climbing to the top of Pali, on to the Summit, and back to the base area.  The Race Division guys were a bit crazier.  They climbed to the top of Pali, skied Pali, and climbed to the top of Pali again.  From there, they skinned to the Summit, skied Zuma Bowl, skinned back to the Summit, skied to the bottom of Lenawee Lift, skinned up   The East Wall to the traverse, and skied back to the base area.  GEEZ.  The winner completed the Race Division in 1 hour 44 minutes.


Mark B said...

It's events like this, and staying open for as long as possible that make A Basin such a wonderful resort to come visit.

Thanks to all that you guys do up there. Hoping for a June trip this year if the snow holds on.

Barbara K. said...

I will turn 60 on 6/4 and would like to ski to celebrate this milestone birthday. Do you expect to be open in early June?