Sunday, August 17, 2014

Debris Flows

You may have noticed some big grooves out on the East Wall. These were formed during a major debris flow and flood event July 28, 1999. That year, April through July precipitation was 49% above normal. Particularly heavy rainfall in late July had completely saturated the soils. A powerful thunderstorm July 28 overwhelmed many areas creating significant debris flows and flooding at A-Basin, the Loveland Pass area, and along I-70. Debris flows closed the interstate. The ski area suffered extensive damage to its parking lots and base area facilities. It was a notable event and deeply impressed those who experienced it.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that storm. The water flowing from Wrangler dug a wide trench over 10 feet deep towards the lift.

Dirt and rocks from the gully of Grizzly Peak buried the highway at least 15 feet deep and damaged the upper parking lots. Just above the CDOT shed there is a closure gate on the highway.

There is still a large pile of dirt that continued across the highway that was cleared with large front loaders.

I-70 was buried just east of the Herman Gulch exit. You can still see how deep the creek on the north side was cut. I-70 was closed for about two days.