Wednesday, August 13, 2014

USA Pro Challenge Training?

I think a lot of USA Pro Challenge bike racers are training in the neighborhood. The Summit Daily News said the Jelly Belly team is based out of Keystone right now. I have seen several really fast and strong riders out and about. Late this morning, as I was on Highway 6 below the ski area, a group of about 20 riders came screaming down the hill. When I got to The Basin, the Shimano Pro van was parked out front.

Anyway, I am getting very excited about the upcoming race. It is one of my very favorite Colorado events and I encourage all of you to get out and watch at least one stage. 


Turbos mom said...

Saw some guy in BMC colors topping out on swan mtn from farmers corner side on sat, he flipped a u turn, and flew back down. Can't wait for this years race. Still waiting for a true mtn top finish. Loveland pass. Imagine all the tv and support vehicles in high noon and last chance!

Anonymous said...

Any snow yet???