Thursday, June 9, 2016

A-Basin Greeters

This time of year we frequently see the bighorn sheep hanging out along Highway 6 both above and below the ski area. I saw these guys yesterday morning. The little ones are so cute. These animals are different from the mountain goats we see hanging out on The Summit and The East Wall. The mountain goats are almost pure white with black horns. As you come skiing this weekend, maybe you will be lucky enough to be greeted by the bighorn sheep and the mountain goats.


Michelle said...

How cool!

By the way, we were thinking there needs to be a goat cam! We're so happy to see them each Spring.

Thank you for always keeping us connected to our favorite place.

Unknown said...

Thanks Al!! Just found the fourth lamb.

Mark Matis said...

Hopefully nobody will find any of either in the roadway during the trip up. Or at least if they do, hopefully the critters will decide to safely relinquish right-of-way.