Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekend Update

Things are starting to shape up for the "Re-Opening" on Friday. This morning we had four snowcats out on the hill putting the place back together.  Staying open in June requires a lot of high quality work by the cat drivers. I anticipate that most of the terrain that is open will have groomed surfaces. While not completely finalized I think you can look forward to skiing High Noon, Upper Sundance, Dercum's Gulch, Humbug, Lenawee Face and Powerline. Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Mountain Chairlifts will be open from 8:30 - 2:30. The Terrain Park Crew is putting together several rail features. The forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is calling for a few clouds and warm temps. This is a great weekend to finish off the ski season with a bang.

Looks like you will have a chance to get wet.


Annette Rebellato Martinet said...

Last weekend was awesome Al! Can't wait the four months till next time!

Mike said...

Going to ride my road bike up the Pass in the morning then hit the Legend - thanks for making an awesome Colorado day possible. Roast the pig!

Mike Olsen said...

Can the park build one jump for those of us
That can't do rails anymore? I know I'm OLD!

Debbie Deloney said...

Any word on Lake Reveal? Would love to know if it's appearing before I drive 2 hours!

Thanks so much if you could please please please give an update on that!