Saturday, July 30, 2016

Goats on Lenawee Face

A couple of days ago I was on the Summit and encountered about a dozen mountain goats hanging around the snow fence at the top of Lenawee Face. Sorry the clarity on this photo is a little weak. The goats are interesting creatures. If you get too close, they scatter. If you stay a few hundred feet away, they don't seem to be bothered by our presence. On this particular day, I was driving on the service road and the Lift Maintenance crew was working at the top of Zuma. They seemed to care little about our presence. Lesson here - give the goats plenty of room and leave them in peace.


Grant Barrett said...

Hey Al,
I was thinking of taking the kids up there on Monday for some hiking. Are there marked trails? Family friendly hiking? What kind of millage should we expect to make the summit (Pali, BML, Lenewee)?


Alan Henceroth - COO said...

Yes there are marked trails. Right out of the Base Area is the Argentine / North Fork Trail. It is very family friendly and an easy 1.8 mile walk to Black Mountain Lodge. You can continue beyond there for another mile to the Summit. It is a little bit harder walk, but still pleasant. About 1/4 mile above BML, there is a spur road on the right that goes to the top of Pali. The Basin is a great place for a hike. Friday through Monday you can also grab a bite to eat at The 6th Alley.