Monday, July 18, 2016

Tree Chutes

Saturday, I took a lunch time hike up to the top of the 6th Tree Chute. It was a short, but very rugged, gnarly and steep walk and climb. I had to use my hands a few times to hold on. As the pictures show, the views from there are extraordinary. Marjorie Bowl (named after Marnie Jump) is off the back of the Tree Chutes. It was in fine form with flowers and greenery down low and mountain goats wandering on the tundra up high. The Basin side wasn't too bad either.


Anonymous said...

Great shots! Thanks for getting the divide cam running again as well, it's my favorite!

Colin said...

Great pics, Al! Can you share some of the ones you took in Marjorie Bowl? How about a post showing and talking about summertime lift maintenance? And lastly, when the divide cam first went online, it ran 24/7. That was awesome! Any chance of you re-enabling that? It was incredible to see the stars and all the dusk/dawn activity at The Basin. Really hope you will consider showing the nighttime hours. Thanks Al.