Saturday, December 17, 2016

18" New Today - 74" This Storm Cycle

I think we can say that this storm cycle was a good one. One we will be talking about for years. We have had some type of new snow 14 of the last 15 days. Today we reported another whopping 18 inches of new snow. That makes 74 inches of new snow for those 15 days. I am not sure I have seen the mountain transform from a dry start to whopping great conditions in such a short time. The place is absolutely amazing. A-Basin skiers and riders were ecstatic. When I walked into Black Mountain Lodge at lunch time, everyone in there was so jazzed about the conditions. It was like being at the funnest party you could imagine.

Again, I snuck in some Pali runs and Zuma looks tremendous.


david Bennett said...

Al, we will see you guys tomorow!

Beholdthefield said...


Are you sure that enough snow was reported this morning? Maybe it was more like 20"? Or 22"? It sure seemed like a lot to me!

Seriously, Thanks to the entire staff and Ski Patrol at A-basin for making days like today happen. Deepcember 2016 will not be forgotten anytime soon!

Here's to reaching 100" before the month ends!