Sunday, December 11, 2016

An Amazing 18 Inches

That was an amazing 18 inches. Yesterday's skiing was super fun. Last night Chef Rybak hosted another outstanding dinner at Black Mountain Lodge. In the midst of that heavy, heavy snowfall, we pulled off a Randonee Latin American feast. There was no chairlift involved. Diners skinned, snowshoed and hiked to the restaurant, enjoyed a delightful meal and skied or walked through the deep stuff to get down.

Today was awesome. The big snow delayed Lenawee's opening by about 40 minutes, but upon opening, the rewards were many. This storm has set The Basin up in an ideal fashion. We have a tremendous amount of work to do, particularly on the avalanche mitigation front. Our primary energy will be directed towards getting Pali Lift open. It looks like we have a minor lull in the action Monday, but the snow may kick in again Tuesday. Expect some Slalom Slope skiing (hiking from Cornice Run) in the coming days.

..............After that, Montezuma Bowl will come into play.

I was a little busy today and didn't have time to take any pictures myself, but enjoy these three below. The top two are from our photographer, Dave Camara. The third photo was emailed to me from Jon Rayeski.

We are in a very, very, very good place.


Taylor Anderson said...

Think you can provide any type of guesstimate on when Montezuma will be ready to open?Thanks!

Derek Holovach said...

In addition to Taylor's question, any idea when the black diamonds will be opened or how many inches the base needs to be to open them? Thank you

anon said...

I believe in years past that Al has stated once the base is ~40" the whole mountain is fair game for grooming and opening. That being said the East Wall and Zuma are lowest on the totem pole, so wait for Pali to open to worry about skiing either of those.

Anonymous said...

Derek, I bet Pali has enough snow now, it's just a matter of making it safe. Pali is very steep and is in a spot that can be Avalanche Prone, after the warm start to the season with this huge dump of snow my guess is that the snowpack is fairly unstable, I bet they are just trying to make everything safe. I would guess we will start seeing a bunch more terrain open soon.

Clintbacca said...

Thanks for helping me park sir ! The snow was amazing, worth the Keystone traffic jam. Felt like mid-February snow in a few spots yesterday.

Jonathan Gigler said...

18 Inches is never a bad thing!!! XD Thanks for sharing Al!!!