Friday, April 12, 2013

17" For The Week

4" new again today and that makes 17" the last 7 days.  We have had new snow each day for the last week. Unfortunately, I had to be in a meeting in downtown Denver yesterday, but the ski reports I heard from friends had the place skiing "wicked awesome".

All this snow is definitely good news for the East Wall.  With the new snow and obscured skies, it is closed this morning.  We will see how the day and weather progresses in terms of its opening.  Regarding East Wall hiking, the chances are improving for that, improving a lot.  With a bit more snow, we would likely start with a staircase in North Pole and/or Willie's Wide.  Perhaps using the North Pole gate to hike up the ridge would follow.

I would encourage all of you to follow the forecasts closely the next several days.  We may be heading into an extraordinary week.

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