Monday, April 15, 2013

I Think Today Was Better

Day 2 of my A-Basin vacation diary.  I thought yesterday was the best day of the season.  Today we had 4" at report time.  We had nearly 8" during the day.  The winds today were light to moderate and the snow never let up.  Everything was just incredible.  We were all over Pali lift.  Great skiing in Hot Wheels, The Spine, West Turbo, Gauthier, Waterfall, and My Chute.  All the little lines are filled.  Somehow in the snow and fog, the area between Main Street and The Spine got skipped by most people.  I must have taken four runs in there that were seemingly untracked.  Awesome.  I could not have asked for a better day.

And then I rode Pali lift with our skiing accountant who was carrying a ski area radio.  I heard Tony C say that West Zuma was open.  We headed that way.  Only a few people had skied ahead of us.  We skied Durrance, Schauffler (twice), Jump, and Elephant's Trunk.  It was like helicopter skiing.  Literally face shots every run.  No bumps or old snow surfaces were felt. The first Schauffler run fit into the category of best ski runs ever.  And there is more snow coming.  

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