Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Snow and The Enduro

Snow all afternoon.  The skiing just keeps getting better.  The Enduro was another great community event.  Drew Peterson and Ian Borgeson skied some ridiculous amount of runs.  Kay and her buddy, Heather, skied 55 runs. Really fun dinner and party for Jen Oliver.  High Five entertained the crowd.  I think today's pictures say it all.

Whenever I write in the blog, I find something really positive to share.  You might have trouble distinguishing between something good and something absolutely incredible.  The skiing this week is absolutely incredible.  



Anonymous said...

Al - The map on the website for the Grind shows the Rec division NOT going up the East Wall. Has the course changed from previous years? Or will we still go up there if conditions allow?

Thank you,

Keith Limbird said...

Al, the Enduro was awesome. How about posting the results somewhere on your site?