Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Zuma Tour

Without sounding like a broken record, today was another very beautiful day. The forecasts for snow this weekend looks really good,  mostly in the 4-10" range.

So I took another couple of laps in Montezuma Bowl skiing both Columbine and Larkspur in their entirety. The work by the cat drivers is superb. Upper Columbine is just about ready to go. The drivers have packed and farmed just about everything they can. Today, for the first time this season, a snowcat made it all the way to the bottom of Zuma Lift. Many more snowfences were deployed today to catch blowing snow. The bigger, permanent wood snowfences have caught a great deal of snow. We feel as though we are extremely well primed for this upcoming storm.

And there may be another storm coming at us mid-week. There is a lot to get excited about.


Anonymous said...

How is the snowpack/snowfall so far this year compared to previous years? Seems to be a pretty good start...

Anonymous said...

Currently grizzly peak snowpack which is near AB is at 113 percent.