Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blue Skies Coming To An End

It was another stellar day, but I think these days are coming to end. We should start seeing snowfall this evening. While the forecasted snow total numbers are not huge, there is snow mentioned in the forecast almost everyday for the next week. Our base and snow cover is ideal for this time of year. The new snow will literally be frosting on the cake. And the East Wall is next up in the queue.


Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm excited! On a snow report app that is sometimes accurate, from now to next Tuesday, around 30" is expected total. I can't wait for east wall! And it's still January!

Chris M said...

Good news on the snow on the way. I forget who mentioned recently that the Pali Pastrami sandwich was the "best sandwich on the mountain," but decided to test it out this past Friday...met and exceeded my expectations, as did the Pali run after the feast, and a pint. Kudos to the food service folks; another reason why I love the Bay - good food and drink at decent prices.

Anonymous said...

Well, as nice as blue skies can be, they have out worn their welcome for now. Bring it, Ullr!!