Monday, January 27, 2014

Really, Really, Really Good Today

Dropped in for the last couple hours of the day this afternoon. We reported 2" new in the morning and it snowed lightly most of the day and then came down heavily for the last couple of runs. Conditions were excellent, each run better than the previous run. I skied with my daughter, Whitney, and a couple of her friends. Skiing Pali, it is a little embarrassing being that 50 something Dad trying to keep up with three 20 something kids. At least they had a lot of time to chat while they were waiting on me.

The forecast looks great. Tomorrow we might get a shower or two with lots of sunshine. Wednesday through Friday looks very good for snow. My advice, Tuesday morning, be there at 9 AM for 1st chair. The rest of the week, look for some extraordinary skiing.

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