Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bighorn Sheep

Throughout the summer we frequently see bighorn sheep wandering the upper part of our basin. Almost like clockwork, in early June the sheep hang out along the highway about mile below the ski area. I took these two photos this morning. Getting to see them this close is very cool. This is a good reminder to keep your speeds down when driving around here. Between the sheep, deer, foxes and occasional bear, there are plenty of potential obstacles out on the highway.


Anonymous said...

It is also time to drive carefully. Last summer, in that same stretch of road, a deer jumped in front of our car AS a cyclist was passing us on the left. Nobody got hurt but the cyclist's heartbeat and ego.

Anonymous said...

I drove by a moose on my way home last night!

Anonymous said...

Can we talk 'ponds'? Are any starting to show? Big or little? Been awful warm the past few days.