Friday, June 20, 2014

Downloading Black Mountain Express

I was recently asked if we would consider keeping the Upper Mountain open for skiing having guests download Black Mountain Express at the end of the ski day. The answer is, yes we would consider that. In fact, we seriously discussed doing it this year. For this year specifically, High Noon is holding out just about as well as the Upper Mountain and closing both lifts at the same time seemed to make sense. Now each year the snow falls, blows, moves around, and melts a little differently. Will there eventually be a scenario and a season that we download guests on BMX. That answer to that is, almost certainly yes. When, why, and how is hard to predict, but I am fairly certainly that there will be a time when it makes sense to download.

On another note, we are having a beautiful ski day. Check out the sky color. It almost looks "doctored" in this photo.


. said...

skied with my girl today to send off the season. What an amazing day. Bluest Colorado skies ever, incredibly good snow conditions and turns, and mountain goats dancing all over Lenawee peak. Stellar. That's a wrap on the 2014 ski season! Thank you to THE LEGEND!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a way to post photographs in the blog comments section here. Made it up today and got some good up-close action shots on Lake Reveal. Regardless, a Legend-ary day - as always - at the Basin... Thanks for keepin' it going this long, Al!

Anonymous said...

As if skiing on the summer solstice weren't enough? I'd say that's pretty awesome!!

TOPJOB said...

Our family ski day this closing weekend was awesome! It almost feels like a different sport in June, and every year the late Spring is a little different - sometimes if we look (in the lower TB Glades) we can even find streams to jump!

I think downloading when the conditions are right would be a fun way to extend the season and a different experience to enjoy, and hope to try it one year.

Thanks so much Al for a great blog this past season, and for all the really informative posts that give so much insight into all aspects of A-Basin.

Looking forward to a great summer and next season.