Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Terrain For The Weekend

Runoff is definitely in full swing. The Snake River (a small stream 48 weeks of the year) was raging yesterday. Its flow jumped up over 1,000 cfs and washed out the road just below the Town of Montezuma isolating that community. Kay and I drove up that way last night to check out the flow. It was muddy, swollen and fast. I have included a few pictures of the flooding.

At A-Basin we have seen the effects of that runoff. One of the tricks to this late season skiing is seperating the water from the snow. The cat drivers have been busy the last two days making sure that water is flowing where it is supposed to and, importantly, that the snow is being preserved. The Lower Mountain has seen some big changes. The water is really flowing there. This weekend we are planning on Sundance and High Noon being open. Unfortunately, Wrangler and Ramrod (sorry you slush bump lovers) will be closed. The Upper Mountain should still be mostly intact. We will have the Treeline Terrain Park open with a few features. As of this afternoon there is still no sign of Lake Reveal. I am expecting that to pop out any time, maybe before the weekend.

While this a particularly big runoff, its impact to the snow is exactly what we have been expecting. If you like the summer scene, we are going to have extraordinary skiing and riding. I hope you can join the fun.

......And the paddling down on the Blue has been incredible.


Calob Rundell said...

No slush bumps! That's a bummer.
Oh well, always better than a day anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

What is the base right now?

Joan Hollerbach said...

Yay! Thanks Al. Plan on being there the weekend of the 14th and the rest of June - Skiing in the morning and Sailing with Joanie after 3. Love 9000ft!!