Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooler Weather

This week we benefited from cooler weather. While last week we saw that tremendous Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday warmup, this week was wetter and much cooler. The impacts of runoff have been much less and very little snow melted. The cat drivers were in all day yesterday and will be back at it again today. The terrain this weekend should be very similar to what you saw last weekend with the exception of the closure of Lenawee Parks and Lower Ramrod. I am not sure yet, but the Upper Ramrod bumps may be open.

Our mantra for this summer ski season is, "As long as we have snow and people still want to go skiing and riding, we are going to stay open." Thanks to all of you that joined us last weekend and I look forward to another good weekend starting Friday.


Calob Rundell said...

Please let there be slush bumps tomorrow!

Guy That Is Driving 275 Miles

Anonymous said...

If you'll be open July 4th, let us know soon. We're coming up from Houston for the historic event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying opening, I'm moving to Colorado in one week and can't wait to visit!

Anonymous said...

Can we get a Lake Reveal update/picture?

Hoping it is more lake than gully?

Buckhorn Bruce said...

Nothing historic about skiing The Basin on July 4th. Wasn't it 1995 that it snowed so hard on 7/4 that I-70E was filled with holiday campers going home early. That was the year The Basin closed around August 10th - I skied the day before on Falcon then walked down to Black Mountain Lift to ride to the bottom. Historic! Epic!