Monday, September 15, 2014

A Touch of Gold

It has begun. You can find a number of aspens that have started to turn. The really high groves along Highway 6 near The Basin are some of the first to turn. You might say it is already fall and winter is approaching. I might try and sneak in one of those classic Colorado mountain bike rides through the aspens down near Crested Butte at the end of the month.

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William J Earley said...

When the pine bark beetle wipes 99% out of the western pine forest, this will enable the aspens to thrive. I would be possible to have whole mountain sides covered in aspens for future generations. In yellowstone, they brought back the wolf to help control the exploding elk population and as a result, the aspens came back.Park officials realized that huge numbers of elk over the years were eating the aspen seedlings down to nothing and the aspens were vanishing. I wish they could find a ' wolf bug' to eat the pine bark beetles.