Sunday, September 21, 2014

Busy Busy Base Area

Each year as we make our summer construction and maintenance plans, we try and complete projects in a specific order. As snow starts falling, travel around the mountain gets very difficult. That is, very difficult until we have enough snow to get around on skis, snowmobiles, or snowcats. So we try and complete the projects furthest from the base area first and save the easy to get to projects in the base area for last. It makes sense, but it always feels a little frantic as winter approaches and we are the very busiest in our most visible place. This season is particularly notable for that. As I have mentioned, we are building the Kids Center, moving the Magic Carpet, installing some test snow guns, regrading the Admin Lot, upgrading a major powerline, culvert, and drain, plus a few more things. It all looks a bit crazy now, but in a few weeks Black Mountain Express will be spinning and we will be skiing the Lower Mountain.

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