Friday, September 12, 2014

Fan Guns On The Hill

The Snowmakers have put the fan guns on the hill and the reservoir is now full. The crew tested the pumps and the pipelines. The pumps are spinning nicely and we don't have any leaks in the pipes. Always good. There is still one final electrical test to go and the hydrants and hoses still need to be deployed.  The weather the next week looks a bit warmer and drier. We will be ready when than first cold snap hits towards the end of September.


Shane said...

Happy Day!

Jason Burns said...

Looking forward to the '14-'15 season! Out of curiosity, what is considered a cold snap? I've read that a wet bulb temp of 28 deg F or lower is sort of the threshold for snowmaking feasibility, but is that universal? How many hours per night/morning do you need those colder temps to make snowmaking worthwhile?

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hi Jason,

Good questions. No universal answers. We use 28 F wetbulb as a threshold. Our best conditions occur when we are between 10 F and 20 F. There are some technologies out there that can take advantage of slightly warmer temperatures. The more hours of suitable temps, the better. Ideally, 8-12 hours of snowmaking in a session is good. There are times we turn on, the temps warm back up and our sessions are shorter. Our best scenario is running around the clock. Turning on and off takes time. Hope than helps.