Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I know it is fall. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I did my annual pilgrimage to "The Chili Guys" down on Federal and spent the evening bagging Hatch and Pueblo green chilis and putting them in the freezer. Spent the afternoon riding around Lake Dillon taking in the aspens. We are approaching peak colors. First thing this morning I was rewarded with a fresh white frosting on Torreys Peak as I drove into work. While I don't see snowmaking temperatures in the forecast yet, we will be checking every day. 


Ben said...

29th looks marginal… 30th looks great to start the snow guns… It's brutal to watch you guys make snow and open in October and I have to wait until December!

Anonymous said...

Why would you have to wait until December? I'm already planning a trip from Kansas City in October to ski..